This measure passed.

The gist

This resolution would allow people with physical disabilities that prevent them from physically signing an original signature to sign petitions using an alternative method, such as a signature stamp or having someone sign on their behalf.

Ballot question

“Do you favor amending the Constitution of Maine to allow persons with disabilities to sign petitions in an alternative manner as authorized by the Legislature?”1

Yes means No means
I want to allow people with disabilities to sign petitions using an alternative signature. I want to keep the requirement for everyone to use an original signature for petitions.

Tell me more

People with disabilities can already register to vote and sign candidate petitions using alternative signatures. The requirement wasn’t changed for citizen’s initiatives and citizen’s veto petitions because it requires a constitutional change. This measure would amend the state constitution to extend the broader signature requirement to citizen’s initiative and citizen’s veto petitions.2

This question is a constitutional resolution, which, if passed, would make a change to the state constitution.

Follow the money

There is no cost to enact this requirement.


The primary arguments for this change are:

  • It would allow people with disabilities to participate in the petition process.
  • It would make the requirements for citizen’s initiatives and citizen’s veto petitions consistent with the requirements for candidate petitions and registering to vote.


The primary arguments against this change are:

  • It requires amending the constitution.
  • Alternative signatures may be more difficult to verify than original signatures.

Who cares

Nobody has registered support or opposition to this change.3

Further reading

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