The next Maine election is
November 7, 2023
Referendum Election

Vote by MailVote by Mail
Anyone registered to vote in Maine can request an absentee ballot and return it to your municipal clerk's office either by mail or in person. You can also now check the status of your absentee ballot.
Vote Early CalendarEarly Voting
You can also vote early at your municipal clerk's office.

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What's On Your Ballot?

State ballot questions

Question 4: Automotive Right to Repair

2 minute read

This measure would require vehicles to have standardized on-board diagnostics systems and allow owners and independent repair facilities to access those diagnostics.

Question 5: Petition Timing

2 minute read

This measure would increase the amount of time to review signatures for citizen’s initiatives and people’s vetos.

Local ballot questions

We have links to local election websites and basic information about what's on the ballot and ballot drop box locations for counties, cities, and towns.
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