The next Maine election is
November 7, 2023
Referendum Election

Completing an absentee ballot

  1. Check Your Mail

    Ballots are provided to town clerks 30 days prior to Election Day. Begin checking your mail daily for the ballot.

  2. Locate a pen

    After receiving your ballot, locate a ball-point pen with blue or black ink only.

  3. Sign the envelope

    Sign the return envelope in the “voter signature” line on the outer flap.

  4. Mark your choice(s)

    Read and mark your ballot(s) by completely filling in the appropriate oval next to your choice.

  5. Refold and seal

    After making your selections, refold your ballot(s) and seal them in the return envelope.

  6. Check for signature again

    Doublecheck that you signed the outside of the envelope.

  7. Return ballot

    Return your ballot (all ballots are due no later than 8 P.M. on Election Day) by:

    • Mailing your ballot. Allow 7 days for delivery.
    • Returning it in person to the town clerk.
    • Using an absentee ballot drop-box, if available.

Tracking your ballot

To track the progress of your absentee ballot, utilize the Online Absentee Ballot Request Service page. The ballot tracking system will show you the date that your absentee ballot application is accepted by your municipal clerk, the date your clerk issues (mails out) your ballot to you, and the date your clerk receives your ballot. Please note that the tracker is not updated instantaneously; the information is accessible to you after your municipal clerk enters the updates. You can use this tracking system regardless of how you initially request your absentee ballot (whether you request it directly with your municipal clerk or using the online service). If you have any concerns about your ballot, please contact your municipal clerk directly.

Source: Absentee Animation Transcript, Absentee Voting in Maine, Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions.

Common rejections (based on November 2020 election results)

  1. Spoiled by voter.
    • Stray marks
    • Not using pen and correct ink
    • Using tape to seal envelope
  2. Incorrect mailing address on application.
  3. Envelope not signed.
  4. Duplicate ballot received.
  5. Voted in person.
  6. Witness certificate not properly completed.